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Gewandhaus Quartet

There had been regular chamber music concerts at the Leipzig Gewandhaus since the early 1800s, in which string quartets were frequently performed [see.....]. These continued throughout the nineteenth century, but there was no single Gewandhsus Quartet with regular personnel. In the middle of the century, when Ferdinand David led chamber performances, many other string players took part (see article on David), and in the 1880s two quartets, led respectively by Henri Petri and Adolf Brodsky, shared the Gewandhsus chamber concerts. It was only around 1900 that a single ensemble with the title Gewandhaus-Quartett came into existence, and only after 1908, when Karl Wolschke joined as second violin, that the line-up became stable.

Members of Gewandhaus Quartet, 1908-26; Edgar Wollgandt, violin 1; Karl Wolschke, violin 2; Carl Herrmann, viola; Julius Klengel, cello. After 1926, Klengel shared his place with Hans M√ľnch-Holland until 1930, when he left the quartet finally.

Edgar Wollgandt b. 1908, d. 1949 Teacher: Hugo Heermann, in Frankfurt Appointments: member of Hannover Court Orchestra (1900), and second Concertmaster there (1901). Concertmaster of Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra (1903). Taught at Leipzig Conservatory from 1921.


Brahms: Clarinet Quintet (C.F. Peters, date unknown).

Brahms: String Quartets (C.F. Peters; C minor in 1927, A minor in 1926, B flat in 1929).

Brahms: String Quintets (C.F. Peters; F major in 1925, G major in 1923).

Brahms: Sextets (B flat in 1929, G major in 1925).