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Henri Marteau

b. Reims, 31.3.1874 d. Lichtenberg, 3.10.1934

Teachers: Camillo Sivori, Hubert Léonard, Jules Garcin

Associates: Raoul Pugno, Reger (Marteau promoted Reger's music, and was the dedicatee of Reger's concerto op. 101), Stenhammar.

Professional appointments:

  • 1900 Violin teacher at Geneva Consevatory,
  • 1908-1914 Violin Professor at Berlin Hochschule (in succession to Joachim, though Flesch claims he succeeded Wirth [Memoirs, p. 89])
  • 1915-1920 Second Conductor of the Göteborg Orchestra
  • 1920-1926 Teacher at Prague German Academy of Music and Drama
  • 1926-8 Teacher in Leipzig and Dresden.

Pupils: Florizel van Reuter, L. V. Laar, Robert Pollak. (Flesch severely criticised Marteau as a teacher: 'In this capacity he was untalented and negligent, unable to combine technical instruction with musical and psychological influence.[...] Almost without exceptions, his pupils got stuck at the stage of average mediocrity'. Flesch, Memoirs (London, 1957), p. 92)

String Quartet in Geneva with E. Reymond, W. Pahnke, A. Rehberg.


  • Arensky: Piano Trio (Elite 248, 1927).
  • Bach: Sonatas and Partitas, BWV1001-6 (Steingräber, 1922).
  • Beethoven: Romances, Op 40 and 50 (Steingräber, c. 1925).
  • Beethoven: Violin Concerto, Op 61 (Steingräber, 1909).
  • Berwald: Violin Concerto, Op 2 (J.H. Zimmermann, 1911).
  • Corelli: La Follia, Op 5, No 12, arr. H. Léonard (Schott, date unknown).
  • Gaviniés: Violin solo (études?) (Steingräber, date unknown).
  • Kreutzer: 40 Etuden, with second violin part by Hubert Léonard (Steingräber, 1909).
  • Marteau: Cello Concerto (Simrock, date unknown).
  • Marteau: Clarinet Quintet, Op 13 (Modern edition - Amadeus, 2006).
  • Marteau: String Quartet, Op 5 (Suddeutscher Musikverlag, date unknown).
  • Marteau: String Quartet, Op 9 (Simrock, 1905).
  • Marteau: String Quartet, Op 17 (Steingräber, 1921).
  • Marteau: String Trio, Op 12 (Simrock, 1907).
  • Mozart: Violin Concertos, K216, 218, 219 (Peters, respectively date unknown, 1919, and 1937).
  • Mozart: Rondo, K373 (Suddeutsher Musikverlag, date unknown).
  • Schubert: Rondo for violin and strings, D438 (Suddeutscher Musikverlag, date unknown).
  • Vieuxtemps: Fantasie-Caprice, Op 11 (Steingräber, 1912).
  • Wieniawski: Légende, Op 17 (Peters, c. 1910).
  • Wieniawski: Violin Concerto No 2, Op 22 (Peters, date unknown).
  • Wieniawski: Scherzo-Tarantelle, Op 16 (Peters, date unknown).
  • Wieniawski: Two Mazurkas, Op 19 Peters, date unknown).