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Lipinski's edition of Haydn quartets - George Kennaway

Lipinski's edition of Haydn's string quartets ((Dresden: Wilhelm Paul, 1851) is entitled Vollst√§ndige Sammlung der Quartetten von Joseph Haydn. Neue Ausgabe. Revidirt und mit Tempobezeichnung versehen von Carl Lipinski. It is a beautifully produced text, with high quality engraving throughout. An unpaginated foreword, dated December 1851, includes short biographies of Haydn and Lipinski, and information about texts. A thematic index is provided. No fingerings are added; Haydn's own open string markings, the sliding fingering in op. 33 no. 2, and the punta d'arco and una corda markings in op. 55 no. 2, are retained. There are no directional bowing indications. 'Wedge' staccato markings are used throughout, sometimes under slurs. Staccato dots are rare, and only used under slurs. A list of Lipinski's metronome markings for all Haydn's string quartets is here.