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Niccolò Paganini

See also the Einleitung, Thema und Variationen, and the Italienische Suite, both composed by August Wilhelmj and based on themes by Paganini.

Title Opus No.
60 Etuden in Form von Variationen op. 14 View Work
Caprices op. 1 View Work
Der Carneval von Venedig op. 10 View Work
God Save the King op. 9 View Work
I palpiti op. 13 View Work
La Campanella op. 7[?] View Work
Le Streghe op. 8 View Work
Mose-Fantasia View Work
Moto Perpetuo op. 11 View Work
Nocturne de John Field Nr. 3 View Work
Non piu mesta op. 12 View Work
Sonatinen op. 2 (vol. 1); op. 3 (vol. 2) View Work
Violin Concerto no. 1 in D major op. 6 View Work
Violin Concerto no. 2 op. 7 View Work
Violin Sonata op. 2 View Work
Violin Sonata op. 3 no 12 View Work