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School of Music


Editor: Clemens Schultze-Biesantz


Title Composer Work Publisher Publication No. Date
Adagio élégiaque Wieniawski, Henri Adagio élégiaque Litolff 2454 1890 View
Concert Beethoven, Ludwig van Violin Concerto Litolff 2421 1909 View
Piano Trios Schubert, Franz Piano Trios Litolff Collection Litolff no. 188 1910 View
Polonaise de concert Wieniawski, Henri Polonaise de concert Litolff 2454 1890 View
Sonate A dur Brahms, Johannes Violin Sonata no. 2 in A major Litolff 2734b 1929 View
Sonate G dur op. 78 Brahms, Johannes Violin Sonata no. 1 in G major Litolff 2734a 1929 View
Sonate III Brahms, Johannes Violin Sonata no. 3 in D minor Litolff Collection Lotolff No. 2734c 1929 View